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Extracting tokens from a string using substr function.

Tokens come within #..#, and are not fixed, could be any number.

Program should extract tokens one by one and assign it into variable.
2 Solutions
gram77Author Commented:

sample string
This report is ran on #sysdate#, The report is run on #as_of_dt#. Report is written on file #name#
Assuming name adn as_of_dt are variables
select regexp_replace( regexp_replace(regexp_replace('This report is ran on #sysdate#, The report is run on #as_of_dt#. Report is written on file #name#','#sysdate#', sysdate),
                                                                     '#name#', name),
                                  '#as_of_dt#',as_of_dt) from dual

If as_of_dt,name are column name then replace dual with table name.
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
So if I read this right, you want to extract say #sysdate# then assign that to a pl/sql variable like:    #sysdate# := 'some value'

If so, sdstuber already provided the main piece of the code in:

I provided the loop to loop through the delimited strings in the same question:

Please confirm the exact requirements and we'll see if we can provide working code.
for this we have written a procedure.  

Attached is the procedure and other file is calling of the procedure

HTH parse-list.sql calling-pk-parse-list.sql

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