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Expand Disk and move transaction logs

beechfielder asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2016-10-27

I need to add some extra space to our system partition on SBS 2003, with Exchange 2003, and have done this by adding an extra disk and reconfiguring the RAID from 1 to 5.  This obviously gives me some unallocated space and now I need to use a disk partitioning utility. However, there are two windows partitions on the new RAID 5 array (disk 0). These are C, the system partition and D, which contains Exchange transaction and tracking logs. My new unallocated space is after D.

So  I am thinking of using a disk partitioning application such as Acronis Disk director and plan to do the following

1. Expand D into the unallocated space
2. Resize D to create some free space at the beginning
3. Expand C into the space left by the resize of D

My main question is about the exchange logs and whether the resizing is going to cause problems.  I also need to find out whether I can release space at the beginning of D, I think it is possible by allowing the disk partitioning application to do each operation (above) in turn.

I would welcome your thoughts about this

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Why expand D and not just move the Exchange logs on a new partition together i.e. E ?


E contains the Information Store.  Also I have anti virus exclusions set up and just thought it would be simpler to keep the logs on D.  I need to either delete D, or resize it to free up space for C, which is my primary aim in this
Use diskpart.exe from Command prompt it will help you...
andyaldersaggar maker's framemaker
Distinguished Expert 2019

Diskpart won't shrink the beginning of D: to make room for a bigger C: drive, that has to be done with an offline tool. Acronis disk director will work, so will tens of other offline tools some free such as gparted, some paid for such as Paragon Partition Manager.


Thanks, that is helpful.  And I assume, but would like to double check, that the exchange logs will be fine and not damaged by the process.  That is one of my main concerns.  

I will get the server edition of Disk Director, which I have used on pcs and found very good
saggar maker's framemaker
Distinguished Expert 2019
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