Copy setup file in install directory in Installshield 2010


I have a simple setup program...after the installation is finished i have to copy the setup.exe into a sub folder say client...under installation direcotry.

How can i do that? Also windows 7 miaght have security issue as mostly intallation is done under c: drive so how can i handle that?


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chris_martin62Connect With a Mentor Commented:
is all of this in a policy if so and you are using Win 7 machines you may want to use GP preferences and in that you can copy files. What may be happening is that UAC is block you from adding anything to that folder but if you use GP preferences if should work.
You may want to use a script or even a batch file to copy file from say a network share to the needed location. You can even have it execute the instillation of the program in either.
ziorinfoAuthor Commented:
Yes i am doing it with copyfile function in the script. I want to know if there is any better way to do that.
second that is not working when i am installing in windows7 machne.

file is not copied in the folder where as in XP it is working.

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