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Problem accessing secure websites

kenabbott asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-08-14

For the last month or so a problem has developed where I am having difficulty accessing secure websites.  It is not constant and not always the same sites.  All other internet access is fine.  

To give an example I can be logging in to my online banking and it will either take an age to login or throws me out usually with a message linked to a timeout.  If I get passed the login the same problem can then happen on the next page etc, This can happen on any secure site I am trying to get into but it is not consistent - one day it will work for site A but not for Site B, the next day it can be the other way round.

I realise any number of things may be causing this but has anyone got any ideas what the most likely causes may be.

I am on Windows 7 and mainly use Firefox although the problem seems the same in IE

Many thanks

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As it is only happening on Secure sites it may be an idea to run malwarebytes on your machine to check for any malware.


Have run malwarebytes and all that was found was 3 instances of Adware.WidgiToolbar.  Now deleted but this doesn't seem to be the cause of the problem


Anyone got any further thoughts on this?
next time you are blocked please try turning off your firewall.  If it still does not work turn off your AV temporarily and try again.  Please post the resutls.


Yes already tried turning off the firewall which on occasions seems to make a difference but on others not.  I've also tried ressting the router which again sometimes seems to make a difference but other times not.  The frustrating part of this is what ever is causing it seems very sporadic.
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