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I have a large number of PCs, (25,000), that do not have "Wake On Lan" enabled in the BIOS.  Is there a way I can enable this feature globally, without touching each computer?
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Randy DownsConnect With a Mentor OWNERCommented:
I don't think it's possible to enable all PCs to use Wake on LAN but here's an article that might help. If the cable is not installed on NICs then you will have to open the box.

Are they all the same type of pc?
TG_TechAuthor Commented:
Dell Models ...

Inspiron XPS Gen2 (1)
Latitude D610
Latitude D620
Latitude D630
Latitude D810
Latitude D820
Latitude D830
Latitude E5400
Latitude E5410
Latitude E5510
Latitude E6400
Latitude E6410
Latitude E6500
Latitude XT
OptiPlex 380
OptiPlex 745
OptiPlex 755
OptiPlex 760
OptiPlex 780
OptiPlex 980
OptiPlex GX280
OptiPlex GX620
Dimension 2400
Inspiron 8500
Latitude C800
Latitude C840
Latitude D600
Latitude D800
OptiPlex GX1 350L+
OptiPlex GX110
OptiPlex GX150
OptiPlex GX200
OptiPlex GX240
OptiPlex GX260
OptiPlex GX270

some motherboards and/or computer makers have windows based bios utilities
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