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need help mapping a drive in windows 7 outside domain

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
All servers in question are server 2003. here is whats happening. I have a server that is not a member of our domain (per vendor request). We have logon scripts that map drives when a user logs onto the network and some of the users have a mapped drives that point to the server that is not a member of our domain. Starting to bring in windows 7 PC's, I have tested it out with multiple 7 boxes and I get the same results. I can ping the server but I cant map to. I get a "system error 53 has occured" in the command line when trying to map. I have tried several things and Im out of ideas. Any ideas would be appreciated

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You are running into a permission error, I am guessing. Where the server you are mapping to is not a member of the domain, the users credentials don't work. You will need to allow share and security permissions to everyone or the guest account in order for the Windows 7 PC's to map the drive.


in our script when running xp a user is prompted for user creds but with 7 it doesnt. I have tried to specify user creds via  net use j: \\server\share /u:domain\user password

in the domain I used the servername.

Are you saying that I need to check the permissions on the share residing on the server?

 i will

Change the following registry key:

EnableLinkedConnections = 1 (DWord)

More information on the workaround is posted here:


The registry change is made on the Windows 7 machine, not the server.


I read the artilce and it sounds like what Im dealing with although after making the reg change Im still not able to map the drive..
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