Xerox Phaser 6120N printer problem.

I have just changed a defective cyan cartridge the rpinter would not recognize (Cyan toner missing error).  A new cartridge was installed but the color prints show a repeating (34mm intervals) cyan colored, double dash on the left side of the page.  The Xerox database says such a problem is due to defective cartridge.  What are the odds of 2 defective cartridges?  Any ideas, other solutions// Help please.  
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"what are the odds of 2 defective cartridges" ...

that depends.  Are they original Xerox cartridges?  Or are they a knock off brand?  Or remanufactured?  

If original Xerox, than doubtful.  if knock off or reman, then very possible.

I'd recommend trying one more cartridge, a new one directly from Xerox.  If it still pops that error, then time to start looking at other causes.
JPRCOAuthor Commented:
They are in fact remanufactured.  So I will try your suggestion and let you know.  Thanks.
JPRCOAuthor Commented:
Well excuse me, genius.  It takes time to convince a supplier that a replacement cartridge they sent to replace a defective cartridge, was also defective.  They did eventually send me another which I just received.  I installed it and the printer works okay.  I guess I better reply before you send out the Navy Seals...
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