Excel export with formulas does not work on web server but does using Web Developer Express

We are using Excel.Interop and it works fine when launching the application using Debug or Launch in Browser in my Web Develop Express.

We have a simple html table with values that work with both scenarios but the creation of cell objects with formulas does not when using a stand alone browser.

But when accessing the same page in the same directory on the same web server, the Excel.Interop is not used if we are accessing using a standalone browser.
The Interop is found, because we have no error message like we used to have.  

Seems like we have two different clients with different permissions trying to access Interop.

If that sounds like it could be the problem, how could I find out which account is being used to excute the page in each scenario?

We are using Launching User in Dcom.

Tried using a specific user in Dcom but that didn't work either.

Tried using <identity impersonate user="XXX" password="XXX" />
but that didn't work.


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Did you check the worker process on the server? In IIS, under Application Pools, view the Properties of the app pool for the site and check the Identity tab. The default identity is usually Network Service if "Predefined" is selected, but can be changed by selecting "Configurable" and supplying the appropriate credentials.

Note however that if you supply the credentials, you just need to make sure to register it to ensure it has the appropriate permissions. See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff649309.aspx for more info.
grotonmanAuthor Commented:
I continue to get an error
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