Exchange 2010 install keeps failing ' A setup failure previously occurred while installing the hubtransport role'

We have had both servers in our domain fail (at different times) and have rebuilt them both. They both had Exchange 2010 on but they both had to be re-installed although we managed to get the domain back and restore Active Directory.
We tried to recover the Exchange on these but this failed and so we manually removed all Exchange traces from the domain (that we could find) using ADSIEDIT, Install cleanup, registry cleanup etc and the manual removal guides.
We have then prepared the AD and Schema but now when we try to re-install Exchange on one of the servers it goes to install the Hub Transport and then errors with
'ERROR] A Setup failure previously occurred while installing the HubTransport role. Either run Setup again for just this role, or remove the role using Control Panel.
I can run the removal and it uninstalls fine and then on the re-install comes up with the error in the title again.
I've tried just to install the HT role through command prompt but this doesn't make any difference and can't seem to get past the HT error. I've checked the setup log and this is also the only error i can see in there.
Any help would be great.
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If the server has existing exchange servers / features installed you should uninstall them,
if it doesnt then you dont need to do anything on the server itself. Though later on, since you mentioned it was a bad uninstallation you might be obligated to go to adsiedit and manually delete the old information about the exchange server.
You can also go through below reg keys and articles:

Follow this artical
NetexpertsAuthor Commented:
Yes, i've gone through ADSIEDIT and removed all servers etc manually. Also gone through registry.

Can you post the setup log???
NetexpertsAuthor Commented:
Found the issue was with the language pack registry key of all things.
I ran a 3rd party registry cleaner and rebooted and this then errored on re-install on the registry key.
I then copied it to notepad and searched the registry and found the permissions had removed but after re-adding the registry keys the same issue occurred so i removed the registry key altogether and the install then completed fine.
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