MySQL v MS SQL Stored Procedures

When it comes to SP I have limited experience but some.  I currently am in a MySQL environment and need to create and update many SPs.  I would like to purchase a good SP book but I'm not sure if it should be based on MySQL or MS SQL.  Is there that much of a difference in a MySQL SP and a MS SQL  SP??  Ideally I would like to purchase just one book.  I'm thinking maybe going with the MS SQL/SP book and using it for the MySQL environment as well.   I would appreciate any advise as to why I should get one or the other.


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Walter RitzelSenior Software EngineerCommented:
this will basically depends on the level of complexity of your SPs...
As you know, MS SQL sps are based on Transact SQL, which is a SQL language owned by Microsoft and it is rich on libraries that allow you to do things that are not conventional. The same thing would apply when comparing MySQL sps with Oracle PL/SQL.
Now, as far as I know, MySQL sps are more standard and Mysql itself does not have any custom libraries as MS SQL and Oracle for example, making it more limited.

So, in the scenario that you are more interested on basics for stored procedure wrting, maybe one book would suffice. But I truly believe that you will need books for each one of the databases.
IRHuskerAuthor Commented:
Very well put, thank you!
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