After power failure damaged Ex2010 databases cannot be repaired with ESEUTIL /p

Dear Experts

Please help me with following:
After power failure few databases were dismounted from system. Few of them mounted back after of ESEUTIL  with P key and moving away log files. But 3 biggest databases (120, 70, 40 GB) cannot be repaired with ESEUTIL /p.
After running of ESEUTIL /p on database got an error during the last stage "Deleting table" or something. After running ESEUTIL /p once again receiving error 1605 (KeyDuplicate) and 1019(PageNotInitialized)
As temporary solution created new  databases , reconnected all users from damaged databases to new one (Dial Tone Method), so they can use temporary mailboxes.
I need to move data from damaged databases to recovery and mount it to system.

Unfortunately  i don't have any backups, only damaged databases. Please help me with next steps in this.
Thank you
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ashok_523Connect With a Mentor Commented:
yes you are right.. the soft recovery works on the logs, but before going for repair it is better to run /r switch as it will return the error if the issue is something related to the missing/corrupted logs...

I was in an impression that you are using earlier versions of Exchange. instead you can make use of the ne command..
Did you backup the .edb file before perforiming the hard repair using /P. switch? . if you have then perform  integrity check and try to do a soft recovery.
If all these fails then,There is no other  option than recovering from backup
CiklumITAuthor Commented:
No, we don't have any .edb files backup. I'm more than sure, that soft recovery could help, even with original .edb.  Don't believe there is no way to recover  data from damaged databases. Maybe not 100% of data...
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Try the soft recovery . and go for  repair once again using /p switch.
don't forget to defrag the edb. sfte the repair... and then do ISINTEG
CiklumITAuthor Commented:
Soft recovery works only for log files, but not .edb am i right? Can you please show me example syntax for this command?
ISINTEG seems to be outdated in Ex2010 please look here 
CiklumITAuthor Commented:
Finally, after many different attempts restoring from EDB to PST. It takes a lot of time but it works. 4 databases remounted after ESEUTIL /p. Thank you ashok_523!
CiklumITAuthor Commented:
Cannot be applied for every corrupted database.
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