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Hosted website

amclane9 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
The issue is that we cannot open our website that is being hosted.   Our domain is named abc.com our website is abc.com.   From a computer that is part of our domain, going to abc.com directs the browser to our domain controller iis server.   How do I direct abc.com to go outside to the hosted site?   From any other computer not part of the domain abc.com works as it should.

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Put an entry in your DNS for www.abc.com and point it to the IP address of the hosted web server.   You should then be able to go to www.abc.com and get to the site.  This is why it is a good reason to use abc.local for the domain controller.


Previously, that is what I did do, I created an A record for www pointing to the public IP address.  We just changed our hosting provider so I updated the IP address for the www A record and it does not work.  Even when you enter the new public IP address into the browser, that doesn't work either.  So is the issue on the hosting providers end or mine?   And yes, I know should have been abc.local, but no way I am going through the steps to rename my domain.


The host file comment does work, yes.   But I would have to update that file on every pc correct?

Make sure that you have flushed the dns on the machine after the change has been made.  It may have the old address in cache (ipconfig /flushdns).  Also restart the dns service on the server and flush it's dns as well.

Using the hosts file you would have to make an update on every pc.


The host file solution does work, I agree.   Is there any other way to create a record in DNS though?   I am not willing to change the host file on over a couple hundred computers.
Yes you would, if this is just a small network without internal DNS servers then that is a good approach, however using interal DNS servers would be a better idea if you have more then a couple of networked devices.


cfEngineers..thanks for the update.  This is not a small network.    What new record would I create on my internal DNS?  

When you try to ping www.abc.com what address does it return?  If it is returning the windows server, you may have to delete and reenter the www.abc.com address, making sure to flush the dns after it has been deleted ("Dnscmd ServerName /clearcache" at command line)
im thinking you might need a second record for one A record for www and one A record for the host itself since you mentioned abc.com and everyone else is mentioning www.abc.com just a thought...


 when I ping www.abc.com I get back the correct public IP address for the webhosting provider.  

If you are getting the correct public IP, you should get the site.  Try on a different machine, or use a different browser, since you browser might be getting the page from cache.


thanks for the feedback ittogo.
I know it's crazy.      And shouldn't you get the correct site by just entering the IP directly into the browser as well?    But that isn't the case either, doesn't work.     I have tried on many machines and my users are screaming because our 'new hosted website' won't pull up.  Only from computers not on our domain right now.    So to me, this is the hosting providers issue, am I right?
Is it possible that the router you are using is caching the dns as well?

If you are pinging the right address, you should be getting that page, unless you are using your server as a proxy, and it is accepting connections for www

You can't pick it up from the ip address because the host is probably shared and it uses the domain name to determine which page to display.  

A possible work around might be to resgister another domain name and point it to the same webpage and use that domain internally

Another solution I just tried with our host (we are set up similarly) is to add a subdomain at the hosting provider with a different name, such as web.abc.com, pointing it at the same webpage and then adding that to the dns on your server.  Give it a few minutes to propogate and then try it.


ittogo thanks for the good idea
I'm going to try that and will let you know.    Appreciate it!
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