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How do I fix problem to HTML emails from mail.app in osx being sent with different font sizes even though mail.app shows them to be the same size?

asetia asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I have come across a problem when sending emails from mail.app in html. Sometimes the font size on receiving machines is a different font than is set on the email client. When viewed in mail.app the fonts look consistent and correct and also appear consistent and correct when received on another  machine using mail.app. However, the fonts are often of different sizes when received in Outlook on a PC or through a web based email account. The font is quite often different within the email (received) even if it is set to the same font (especially the signature).
It appears Apple's default state is not to send the email in html unless the font is altered.
How can this be set so all emails are sent in html and received correctly on the different clients?
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at first Mail.app doesn't compose email in HTML format but RTF. There are numerous problems even on the same platform, not talking between them. There is no easy way how to solve this. If you really need to send HTML emails you can try Outlook for Mac.


The same problem occurs for RTF emails. Can this problem be solved for RTF?


I actually meant RTF and not html emails. Sorry for the confusion. Can I edit the question to fix this?
RTF works correctly between OS X users, but unfortunately most users have Windows with Outlook. No luck here.


Does that mean one can't send RTF consistently and successfully to Windows Outlook users?
the problem is that there is no consistence between Windows Outlook clients. RTF works seamlessly since Mac OS X 10.0. Same email looks very different in Outlook 2003/2007/2010 and I'm not even mentioning Windows Mail.
If you would check HTML mail sent from some big emailing companies like mailchimp or similar, you will find a lot of hacks in css to let email look at least similar between email clients.
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