Print to server printer using ASP

In need of a method in ASP to print the contents of a file (.txt,.pdf,.docx) to a printer connected to the web server.

I am even willing to purchase a component, but cannot find any.
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For text only, see the following page:

Here is another page with information on this:

For anything else you will need some kind of application or component at the server.  In a quick search I could not find a component to do this, but what you could do is write an app that monitors a folder on your web server.  That app would have the ability to open txt, pdf, or docx files (Word would have to be installed on the web server for the docx) and print them.  It would then delete the file from the folder.  Your ASP page would simply use the FileSystemObject to drop files in the folder being monitored.

The app should not be too dificult to write, this bigest problem I forsee would being sure that you handle the Word automation properly as I've seen it lead to memory leaks in the past.

Hope this helps,
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