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Embedding a C# dll into a Python script

This question concerns an alternate approach to my currently open question.

I have a C# dll that consists of a number of classes, plus a user form.  I'm embedding the dll into a Python script that starts as follows:

from ctypes import *
y = cdll.LoadLibrary("c:\\Projects\\Front Counter\\fc_main\\FC_Main\\bin\\Debug\\FC_Main.dll")

I'm not sure where to go from here.  Basically, I can't call a method directly (e.g., y.<some method>) because all the methods are contained within classes in the dll.

How can I implement the Python script so that I can access the methods, properties, etc. of the dll?

Thanks in advance...
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This SO answer seems to have some good information:

It would appear as though you either need to use a .net-wrapped Python, such as IronPython, or make some changes to your current C# DLL such that you expose it as a COM object so that you can import it natively in to Python.
cshore12Author Commented:
Yeah, I've already seen this reference and it's about 3/4 Greek to me.  Perhaps you can expand on it somewhat.
cshore12Author Commented:
I've been convinced that the GIS application that this refers to is too complex for either of the suggestions you made.  Thanks anyway!
cshore12Author Commented:
jdavistx provided a link that I was already familiar with, and which was difficult to follow.

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