Adding second domain to exchange 2010 send as

I just recently acquired a new domain and want to setup all users (only 5) to be able to receive emails and send from both addresses. I setup a new accepted domain and am able to receive emails but I can't figure out hoe to send from.

Current setup ex:
2nd setup ex:

Do i need to setup additional email accounts and link them? or should I do something like a send connector.
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mds-cosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is a complete hassle having 2 accounts IMHO.  If the two domains represent two different companies, you are stuck having to send from both.

If you are using Outlook 2010 you can provide users who have to deal with both companies two seperate inboxes (Microsoft finally figured out how to have multiple Exchange accounts in Outlook 2010...about time!).  This would provide very good seperation, and Outlook would automatically take care of the sending domain based on replies.  Of course for any initial origianation e-mail the user will still have to be sure to send from the correct account.
If you want a user to be able to send from multiple domains, you will need to set up two accouns for each user (at least, that is the only way I know to make it work).  For one account set the users e-mail address to  For the second account, set e-mail address to

That said, I would strongly recommend that you pick the "main" domain for your company and have all e-mail go out on that domain only.  This will create a stronger Internet branding presence for your company.
shieldmanagementAuthor Commented:
I can change the default SMTP address from to and send from either account.  This offers a solution as I want to move most employees from to  But I would much rather be able to send from both domains since myself and the manager work with both domains.  I feel like it'll be a complete hassle having 2 accounts for these people but if necessary it'll also offer a better solution and would provide better email management since we are trying to split these companies as we grow.
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