Cisco Router 2851 Policy-map changes

Help - I am an expert in desktop support but have been asked to fix a problem with our 2851 router - I took CCNA classes more than 5 years ago! Could someone be kind enough to give me the first steps to get into the router and how to make changes to the pmap settings - I have to make changes to several reset lines to show no reset. I have most of the info I have just forgotten how to get into the router!!! Thanks for the help and yes I do feel silly asking but what can I do I'm feeling lost.
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Larry LarmeuConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
telnet or ssh to the IP of the router - if not available, you will have to use a console cable to access
login using the login information
type "enable" and then put enable password
"sh run" to show the running configuration of the router
"conf t" to go into edit mode

you should get the policy map settings when you do sh run and then once you conf t you can edit these settings.

when you are done and you want to save the configuration type "wri mem"
AllyHWAuthor Commented:
llarmeu: thank you for the reply but I have a couple more questions:
I have been asked to use "reload" would that be the same as your suggested "wri mem"? and can I change all the reset lines at once or does it have to be one at a time?
Larry LarmeuPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
reload basically reboots the router without saving the configuration changes you have made, so it would not be the same.  if someone has made changes to the configuration since the last save that you do not want you can use reload to wipe those changes out.  you should not "wri mem" (which stands for write to memory) unless you have testing your changes and it is functioning as intended.

I believe you will want to enter the reset lines individually.
AllyHWAuthor Commented:
I think I have a handle on it now reading your pointers and the script I have been given - just wish me luck! I do appreciate being able to get answers from here no matter how silly they may seem to you guys.
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