group policy to restrict local admin group

Hi All,

I added a user to local admin group on the user's workstation and upon reboot, user is no longer in the local admin group. So I am suspecting there is a group policy setting that over writes and restrick local admin group.

Could someone advise where to look for that group policy?

Thanks in advance for yourhelp!
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Vinchenzo-the-SecondConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It configured using Restricted Groups.  Computer settings, windows settings, security settings.  GPMC will show you what settings are configured for every GPO you have
Adam BrownConnect With a Mentor Sr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Running RSOP.msc on the computer that is giving you grief will also allow you to pinpoint which GPO is configured with this. Just look at the location mentioned by Vinchenzo.
joenswConnect With a Mentor Commented:
like said acbrown2010: run RSOP.msc on the computer to see if there is a GPO is configuring  that over writes your local gpo.

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