Upgrading to sharepoint 2010

I am upgrading MOSS 2007 to SP Server 2010 and was trying to stand up both servers (different server names)  but with the same webapp urls.  Meaning I am wanting to keep the 2007 machine running  while I test the 2010 setup but i would ike for the configurations to look the same.

I have a DNS entry that currently points to the MOSS 2007 setup so all traffic will still flow there until i change it.  I have played with the alternate mappings in 2010 but cant seem to point to my collection by the server name instead of the URL.

Im not sure if this is really possible so I though I would ask.
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That is  doable
but you need to have a cut off at some point.

Here is the trick :

you can have both of them use the same name and url (not sure if your migration went with the same names )

You can have some host file entries(on the tester workstations)  pointing to the new machine.

Let us say your url is http://serverName.domain/site/file.aspx

open the hosts file on your windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts


[The 2010 IP ]          serverName

that should work
Best of luck

georgiafarmAuthor Commented:
Ok I will give that a try.  Thanks

This is only for testing to make sure the upgrade goes smoothly before i hit our entire organiztion with it.
I also recommend your put the Content DBs on Read only during the transition so users don't enter data to the old site during the migration.

Best of luck.
georgiafarmAuthor Commented:
That did the trick.  Thanks.  

When we are ready to upgrade i will be shutting down the 2007 environment and then building rebuilding the 2010.  I understand what your saying but i am using this 2010 environment just for finding bugs.  Thanks for all th help again.
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