How is Peer-to-Peer programming different from a client and server protocol?

Explain in layman's term the concept of peer-to-peer protocol , How is it different from ordinary client and server protocol?

Where can I find a simple peer to peer program example that illustrate the peer concept?
I have google and searched for weeks but I still do not understand the concept.

I would also like a peer to peer file sharing example if thats available?
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Bryan ButlerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are some in C on Linix networks and there are java ones on windows, but it would be hard to say if more are done one way or another.  It would be hard to find any "samples" per say, much less that use C, as this is a very complex app as ssnkumar pointed out.  This may help:
Bryan ButlerCommented:
Peer to peer is where both sides act as clients and servers, whereas client/server stay client/server.  A simple one may be hard to find, but there are examples.  This one even give a sample for both ways.

And here's some more info:

As far as file-sharing examples, a simple one may be harder to find but there are open source ones:
Jgreer2011Author Commented:
Will review sites now
Jgreer2011Author Commented:
Are peer to peer protocols implemented in C on Linux Networks or mostly done through using Java on Windows OS? I am asking because I have not found examples using C and that can work with simple command prompt windows.
> How is it different from ordinary client and server protocol?
It is no different from client/server programming.
It also will use the same socket API's to connect.
But, it makes use of the concept of distributed networking.
Here is an explanation from HowStuffWorks:

Since it makes use of distributed networking, the architecture itself is complex.
So, you cannot find a simple example code which can explain this.
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