The <field> source column and the <field> destination column have different data types cubes

I am trying to build my cube using microsft VS studio, and I have one problem with one of the dimensions.

All my dimensions are views sitting in orcale,

My fact table has a key
Accounting period month key which is a number in orcale

I have have two dimension tables
1) Accounting period year month
it has the accounting period month key which is a number
and a accounting year key whcih is also a number

2) Accounting period year
it has the accounting year key
and is a number

Now in the oracle 10g database they keys are all numbers
but when I add these views to the .dsv it makes the data types as follows

Table                         column                                        Oracle          MS .dsv
                                                                                     Data Type    Data Type
Fact                           Accounting period month key     Number       System.double
DIM AP Month Year   Accounting period month key     Number       System.Int64
DIM AP Month Year   Accounting period year key        Number      System.Int64
DIM AP Year              Accounting period year key        Number      System.Double

Is there a way for me to change this.

I am using the Native OLE DB\ Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle on the connection manager

I need some help so that I can define the dataypes
Jayesh AcharyaTechnichal ConsultantAsked:
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Jayesh AcharyaTechnichal ConsultantAuthor Commented:
you get get around this issue by making sure you select the correct connection manager, i used the oracle one and the issue went away
Jayesh AcharyaTechnichal ConsultantAuthor Commented:
this solved the issue and no one has responded
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