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WAN access to Router inside Sonicwall

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11

We have a Sonicwall TZ100 (enhanced).

We need to access a WebPort 2005 Ethernet Programmable Ethernet Gateway & Internet Router on the LAN side of the Sonicwall.
Since it's a Router the Webport 2005 has 1 WAN port and 4 LAN ports.

Current setup = LAN cable plugged into LAN port on WebPort 2005 and we can access the WebPort 2005's web interface via private LAN IP 192.168.xxx.xxx:8000 when we are on any PC inside the LAN.

We would like to be able to access the same private LAN IP of 192.168.xxx.xxx:8000 from the WAN side of the SonicWall.

Is this possible utilizing the one Static WAN IP Address we currently are using from AT&T? and if so what is the configuration to make access possible.

If the above is not possible what would be the configuration if I utilize a 2nd WAN IP from AT&T and the OPT port on the SonicWall TZ100?

Thank you in advance.
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Top Expert 2010

Sounds like a customized service on the sonicwall then run the public server wizard using the public IP, private IP of the webport and the custom service you created. That should do it for you.

Question, do you want ALL Internet traffic going through the webport?


Thanks Digitap,

Ah yes.....sounds like what I did to provide WAN RDP access to different PC's inside the LAN with custom ports.

I'll give it try.

"Question, do you want ALL Internet traffic going through the webport?"

I need access from multiple computers...the same person but different computers.

Top Expert 2010

What's the purpose of the webport?


connects to a hay bailing press machine...the programmer needs access to make periodic configuration changes...the programmer installed the Webport and asked us to "make it work"  :-/      I never know what I'm going to be asked to "connect' these days.

I'll update this question with the result of your above comment when I give it go tonight.
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Unfortunatley I was unable to get a connection thru to the WebPort device trying multiple situations.

With the LAN Cable plugged into the WebPort's LAN Port (not the WAN) with a specific IP assigned to it (the LAN Port) I performed the following:

I utilized the document to a "T" sent by Digitap (thanks Digitap) and I am unable to connect to the WebPort....I can connect to the WebPort device using http://192.168.xxx.xxx:customPort when inside the LAN...I even configured the WebPort to allow for access in using the default http port of :80 thus allowing inside LAN access using the LAN IP address only without having to enter the   :customport number.

On the WebPort I have since relocated the LAN cable from the LAN port with an assigned IP address of 192.168.xxx.xxx (which is the same subnet as the SonicWall LAN IP) to the WAN Port with an assigned Private IP Address of 172.0.xxx.xxx and using the SonicWalls LAN IP of 192.168.xxx.xxx as the Gateway.

I have since recreated the Custom Service utilizing the WebPort's custom configured http port and re-ran the Public Server Wizard utilizing the Custom Port Service under the Server Type of "Other" and  inputting the the WebPorts WAN IP of 172.0.xxx.xxx as the "Server inside the LAN" address and the SonicWalls Static ISP's WAN IP without success.

Any insight / advice is appreciated




The configuration suggested and provided by digitap worked flawlessley and was the correct path/action to take.

The KBID 7712 instructions did not work orginally due to the Webport 2005 device rejecting packets on it's LAN port since the were not from the same subnet...once that was "fixed" we were able to access the Webports 2005 LAN Port from our WAN IP address utilizing our custom port.

Thank you Digitap.


Configuring our SonicWall TZ100w using the information contained in the KBID 7712 article assisted us in understanding the the details of the connection process....while using the Wizard to accomplish our goal would have been easier had the other network devices behaved normally using the KBID information allowed us to pinpoint and solve our issue.

Thank you Digitap again for your time and expertise.
Top Expert 2010

you're welcome. glad i could help and thanks for the points!
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