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Problem with two different Workstations disconnecting from 2003 server volumes

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I had a Win7 and a WinXP workstations lose connection to our server volumes and they could not reconnect until I had rebooted the 2003 server. Is there something to be done without rebooting the server? My researcg until this point says that this is a common problem with most Windows Server OS's.
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Justin OwensITIL Problem Manager

Servers should not randomly disconnect from the network.  If this is happening, you have a problem somewhere.  Unfortunately, there is really not enough info here to tell you where to start.  May I suggest you go through the event logs on your server to see if any errors exist?  Also, what roles, other than file server, is this particular server hosting (DC, DNS, Exchange, SQL, IIS, etc)?  Is it always just those two machine which disconnect, and when they do, do others stay connected?  Is it just that server which your two computers lose, or is it all of them?



I did look at the event logs and nothing that I could see. The server is just a file server, DC and DNS. This was a random event. It has happened before. And yes it was only the two workstations with all other workstations staying connected. But my resolution was to get everybody off and reboot the server. I am mainly looking for a way to fix such an event by way of something besides rebooting the server.
ITIL Problem Manager
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