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Configure QOS on Cisco Routers

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Last Modified: 2012-05-11
So, I'm having an issue with VOIP.  My office HQ has a Cisco RV042 with a site-to-site VPN to a store that uses a Cisco RV016.  The phone system is in the office.  The phone system is a Vertical Wave IP 500.  My issue is that phone calls from the store going out or coming in from anywhere are choppy.  

The routers are set up with high priority of SIPPER UDP 5060.  But, the phone system uses SIP.  I don't see a way to make SIP higher priority for traffic.  There is a way to create a priority according to certain ports, but doesn't SIP change its port frequently?  Like, one call will be on one port and then the next will be on a different port?
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Have you tried using NBAR to recognize the voice traffic for your class maps on your router?


class-map voice
match protocol voice

What priority is SIPPER set at?  EF?


Can you also post a diagram to show how the main components in your architecture, are connected?
What is your WAN channel? Any information on your upstream and downstream, will be helpful.

See also:





I will have to check on these things when I get back over there.  I was supposed to be onsite again today but got called to another clients.  Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be back there until Tuesday now.


So, I can look at this again today.  

I'm doing work on their routers from a remote site, so I'm not sure how to access the CLI to check class-map or any commands.  

I'm looking at the URLs you posted.  Here is the diagram.  Since I am doing this remotely and was introduced to this network about 2 hours before I posted here, this is all I have.


There are two problems here, i.e. VPN and VoIP.  VPN consumes a good size of your bandwidth. The other problem is that your voice traffic needs to be protected to avoid quality deterioration. Your solution is to apply Quality of Service (QoS) as hinted Soulja.

QoS protects your higher priority traffic like voice or EF at the time of congestion.  Now how to apply QoS depends on your platform.  I am not familiar with this particular platform which is why I pointed you to the above URLs.

I don't think the LinkSys RV042 actually runs Cisco IOS. Cisco haven't changed the OS / firmware on the LinkSys routers since they purchased LinkSys.

I was hoping you could telnet to the router using the gateway IP address - see:


You can use putty that provides a very good terminal emulation for the telnet (http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/)

After reading a number of articles on the Internet, the message I am getting is that, it is possible to configure QoS on this linksys platform using the "Bandwidth Management" facility which is accessible from http://<router_ip>/qos.htm (e.g.  

If you are not running the correct firmware that supports QoS, you may need to upgrade.

See also:



Good luck


I checked the incoming logs for the store router.  This is one entry. is the VOIP server. is one of the VOIP phones.  It looks like maybe 5060 is being disallowed.

Apr 29 11:20:25 2011         Connection Refused - Policy violation         TCP> on ipsec0

Here's a screenshot though of the access rules.  It looks like everything from is already allowed.
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