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I am curious if there is a way to limit when inbound emails arrive to a distribution list and then specifically to a member on that list.  For example we have an email address  Within that we have multiple members.  One of these members we would like to know if we can limit the "times" for which they will receive an email that was sent to the distribution list.  He works part time and we want him to only receive emails that are sent to the distribution list during his work times.  This way he will not have tons of emails to filter through.  I have yet to come across any information on the internet in my searches that talk about the ability for this to happen.  He has Windows XP and runs Outlook 2007.  We are using Exchange 2010.  Can you offer any insight?

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lamaslanyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
On the Exchange 2010 server you could schedule a task to execute two Exchange powershell commands.  The first would be to add the user as a member of the distribution group and the second would be to remove the user as a member of the distribution group.
ryan_johnstonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think there is a way to do it at the Exchange level if you only want it to be filtered when sent to the distribution list.  You can limit his entire account but then when emails are sent to him directly he wont get them until the alotted time.  The easiest way I think to do it would be to create a rule in his Outlook that says whenever an email is sent to, move to a different folder or reject it or something like that.
Additional:  I know that this is for Exchange 2007 but the principle should be the same...
voicetextAuthor Commented:
Both of these solutions work.  I can create the rule on his local machine for now and get our IT department to write the powershell commands to add him and then remove him certain times of the day.

Many thanks to both of you.
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