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Can I reinstall my TS CALs if they were installed incorrectly?

Last Modified: 2012-05-11

I recently migrated our Terminal Server Licensing role to another server, so we can retire the current server the licensing role was originally installed too.

However, in the process of migrating them, they were added as per user licenses, and i believe we bought the licenses as per device.

Is it possible to remove and reinstall them without affecting the users currently using the server?

If it helps, the old server is Windows Server 2003 Std.  The new license server is Windows Server 2008 R2, not sure if it makes a difference.....

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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I'm fairly certain the licenses for each server aren't interchangeable.   If you originally bought 2k3 licenses.  They don't transfer to 2k8.  So you're probably going to have to buy new licenses anyway unfortunately.


would that apply even if the terminal server is still 2003?
I over-read that, you said just the license server is 2k8.  No, you should be fine then since your server is the same.  With regards to installing the licenses on the 2k8 server, I've had it work without any issues or calling MS. And I've also had it where it wouldn't allow me and I had to call MS and explain so they could activate my license server.
Unfortunately there is no way to make the switch without affecting the users that are using the server.  You'll need to do it when no one is logged in via TS.  First deactivate the existing license server then activate the new server.  Then on the terminal server, point it to the new licensing server.  As long is the 2k8 lets you activate the server as a licensing server then you shouldn't have any issues.  If it says you can't, then you're going to have to MS.


OK, and I did make it that far.  The server activated with no issues, the only thing that caught my attention was the NEW Licensing Server says this:  

Start --> Remote Desktop Licensing Manager --> Expand All Servers --> Expand License Server -->  the 3 groups of licenses (10 each) under the "Available" heading, it says "Reporting not Available"

Then it shows (for all 3 10 packs) it says Total Licenses: 10   Then Issued:  --

Did the transfer not take?  Is that what it means?


Or is this an MS issue?
And you're sure the Terminal Server is using the new 2k8 server as its licensing server?  The transfer seems like it took just fine since it says you have 10 licenses available. Something isn't right somewhere in where the old server is pointed is my guess.


OK, the reason I mention that is because I tried to remote to the server to see if the new licensing server would issue a CAL, and it did, but it issued a temp CAL...  Is that normal?  Does it issue a temp CAL first before issuing a permanent CAL?  Does that mean its working correctly?
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Wow, that flow chart helps, I knew it was a semi complicated process, but seeing it mapped out makes it more understandable!

Thank you for your help!  And I should also say that the server now says i have all 30 open and ready for issuing! :)

Thank you very much for all your help!

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