exchange 2010 2003

is there a way in exchange 2003-2010 to disable an account and while doing so it will delete the exchange information for that account with it.

the problem i'm having is, every time we disable an account in AD, the user's name still shows up in the GAL on everyone's outlook.  

the only way i know of is to either Hide the email or Delete the email attributes it self, but wanted it a way to do it all in one shot when disabling an account

any help would be great thank you.
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SteveConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
Whilst referencing the same problem i found the below which details not only a script to run but also an associated Microsoft Hotfix (although i believe  the fix is for Exchange 2003)
Powershell script, sorry I dont have the skills to write it but your on the right track,

all you need to do is combine disable user with hide from GAL
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