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How to add numbers to a word doc table showing PTR records?

Posted on 2011-04-27
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Last Modified: 2012-05-11

I'm looking at a list of PTR records wiithin Word 2007 and I need to add a "1." in front of a list of objects.

For example:
1      PTR      name.domain.com
10    PTR      name.domain.com
100  PTR      name.domain.com

Is there a way to quickly add "1." to the entire list?

So it would like this when completed?
1.1      PTR      name.domain.com
1.10    PTR      name.domain.com
1.100  PTR      name.domain.com

Question by:Admin_Stooge
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Expert Comment

ID: 35479213
The easiest method is to use Find/Replace, e.g. replace any instance of "1" with "1.1" or similar. If your numbers are increasing, it would take a little forethought which numbers to replace first so that you do not add up with "1.1.1" at some point.

Author Comment

ID: 35479696
The numbers range from 1 to 500 and maybe more

Expert Comment

ID: 35483572
Can you be a bit more specific? If these are IP addresses, the numbers would only go to 255. I was assuming that each number represented an octet in an IP address or subnet mask, so 1.10 would be the end of for example What would a larger finished number look like?
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Author Comment

ID: 35483676
When checking the file again, the highest number is 253 and no these numbers are not IPs.  These are Zone Records

1                       PTR      name.domain.com      
10                      PTR      name.domain.com      
                        PTR      name.domain.com      
100                     PTR      name.domain.com      
101                     PTR      name.domain.com      
102                     PTR      name.domain.com      
                        PTR      name.domain.com      
                        PTR      name.domain.com      
103                     PTR      name.domain.com      
104                     PTR      name.domain.com      
108                     PTR      name.domain.com      
109                     PTR      name.domain.com      
11                      PTR      name.domain.com      
                        PTR      name.domain.com      
110                     PTR      name.domain.com      
111                     PTR      name.domain.com      
114                     PTR      name.domain.com      
115                     PTR      name.domain.com      
116                     1200      PTR      name.domain.com
117                     PTR      name.domain.com      
118                     PTR      name.domain.com      
119                     PTR      name.domain.com      
12                      PTR      name.domain.com      
                        PTR      name.domain.com      
120                     PTR      name.domain.com      
127                     PTR      name.domain.com      
128                     PTR      name.domain.com      
13                      PTR      name.domain.com      

So I want to be able to perform a bulk task that will add a "1." to each number
So afterwards it would look like this:

1.1                       PTR      name.domain.com      
1.10                      PTR      name.domain.com      
                        PTR      name.domain.com      
1.100                     PTR      name.domain.com      
1.101                     PTR      name.domain.com      
1.102                     PTR      name.domain.com      
                        PTR      name.domain.com      
                        PTR      name.domain.com      
1.103                     PTR      name.domain.com      
1.104                     PTR      name.domain.com      
1.108                     PTR      name.domain.com      
1.109                     PTR      name.domain.com      
1.11                      PTR      name.domain.com      
                        PTR      name.domain.com      
1.110                     PTR      name.domain.com      
1.111                     PTR      name.domain.com      
1.114                     PTR      name.domain.com      
1.115                     PTR      name.domain.com      
1.116                     1200      PTR      name.domain.com
1.117                     PTR      name.domain.com      
1.118                     PTR      name.domain.com      
1.119                     PTR      name.domain.com      
1.12                      PTR      name.domain.com      
                        PTR      name.domain.com      
1.120                     PTR      name.domain.com      
1.127                     PTR      name.domain.com      
1.128                     PTR      name.domain.com      
1.13                      PTR      name.domain.com      

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Accepted Solution

Stacy Brown earned 2000 total points
ID: 35484198
Try using REPLACE  (right side of the Home Ribbon) to replace each Paragraph mark with a Paragraph mark plus the number one and a period

Find What: ^p
Replace with: ^p1.

Replace All

If you have a paragraph mark at the end of each line, this should work for every line bu the very first.  You can then just update the first line and you should be set

Expert Comment

ID: 35484299
By IP addresses I meant that they are portions of IP addresses representing DNS zones. I assume, that the new list with the "1." in front represents a new subnet with a "1" in the third octet. At any rate, here is how you can add "1." in front of any number:
1.      Copy and paste your list into Notepad (not Wordpad) and Save the file.
2.      Open Excel. File > Open > select the Notepad file > the Text Import Wizard comes up > select Fixed Width > select GeneralFinish.
3.      You now have a table divided in three columns, which allows you to sort the list (and incidentally also get rid of the rows more easily, which do not have a number in the first column).
4.      Highlight the entire first column (the one containing the numbers). In Excel 2003, select Format > Cells > (in Word 2007, select Format > Format Cells... from the Home ribbon) > Number tab > from the Category list, select Custom. In the Type field, type the following string, including the parenthesis:
Click OK to save
This will add 1. in front of every number. Blank fields will be ignored. I tested it here and it worked like a charm.

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