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Resource Meeting Exchange 2003

danberry1010 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
I have a user that when he adds a resource to a meeting, an email is sent to several people asking for their attendence.  He does not add these people to the event, which is the reason for this question.

Why is the system (exchange 2003, outlook 2007)  sending invites to people in the organization, when he is not inviting them?  He is the only user who is having this problem?  
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hmmmm sounds like 1 of a few things and you will need some access to check on this

1. Are you sure that its only when he adds the resource.. as in if he adds all the people and not the calendar does the issue still occur..?

2. the problem is fowarding or delegation again leading back to the first question. somewhere either through MAPI (which means outlook itself) Tools > Options > delegates

in there you will see the first screen (delegates2) which may have a tick on it as in the example delegates 2
and if its not there it would be if you double click on the names you will get  the same as delegates.jpeg which may also be ticked
 Delegates 1
now you will need to either have all of these users check this spot or if you add 1 at a time it will narrow which user is causing the problem.

lastly if you look in AD at all the users you can see under Exchange general > delivery options (note you must have exchange installed for this.. the snap in.. you can see if the users have a foward perhaps on (you can also check on the resource )  Delivery Options
this should be enough to identify the issue

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Did not resolve the problem, but was good information.
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