Working on a replacment joomla webiste

I currently have a none cms ( Dremwevare ) website on a godaddy hosting account.
I will be purchasing a joomla template and will attempt to move the data and pages to the new joomla website. I am not sure how all of that will happen . Can I work on the template on my own computer and then move it over to the hosting account when all done.
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Panagiotis Sweb developer - designer Commented:
yes you can, but then you have to upload your local to your server. (Backup 'local', Restore 'server')

for the backup/restore process try akeeba component that helps you doing the backup/restore process an easy job.

install a wamp server on your machine . run joomla from your computer. Edit the site the way you want. Back up the site .
Go to your server install joomla and restore the back up you created.

Also Joomla templates are created with Dreamweaver. there are tutorials available how to create a template for joomla. Thats incase you need to convert your old site to Joomla !
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