VLAN Implimentation


I'm in the process of designing and implimenting my first VLAN on a HP Procurve switch.
Does anyone have any suggestions or some do's or dont's.

Also, does anyone have any specific instrucitons on how to setup the VLAN on the HP Procurve switch side. Is it IP based or port based as to how the VLAN is created?

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What are you trying to accomplish with the VLANS? Will this only be on this one procurve switch? Do you want the vlan to communicate with each other. Is this procurve switch a L3 switch or just L2?

To create vlan: (I am assuming HP uses same commands as cisco)

vlan x  (x being the vlan number
name vlanname

Assign port to vlan:

interface x/x
switchport access vlan x
Hp and cisco differ in the config

Here is a working config on an HP switch HP2510G

You can setup this via telnet or ssh on the switch easilly with this cli


2. switch configuration
  7. Vlan menu
   3 vlan port assigment

At the end your config should look like this

You should name your vlan first.

show config ...

vlan 70
   name "DMZ"
   forbid 13-44
   untagged 45-48
   tagged 1-12
   ip address

tgarrityAuthor Commented:
Our core switch is a HP 4108GL switch that has 4 - 24 port modules.
All of our servers are on a Procurve 2910AL - 48 port switch running gigabit connections.
The cli provides should work fine on the 2910

Also I did not saw 1 of your question.

vlan are port base

On 1 port you can have 1 vlan or multiple vlan

The menu from the HP switch make it simple to

1) name vlan
2) assing vlan to a port

I recommend to forbid port that should not be allow to your new vlan

You will use untagged for normal pc to be mapped to this vlan

You will use tagged for device which will tag packet for the corrected vlan, if you have a switch or a server that have more then one vlan on a interfeace connected to 1 port in your switch.

and the ip address this is only to give the swith on the specific vlan this is good for test purpose.

Good luck
tgarrityAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for your help
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