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restore Exchange 2003 sp2 to new hardware as a VM

Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
Hi I had an IBM server which was running Win2k3 and Exchange 2003 sp2
this server has crashed the motherboard is toast, I have full backups from last night

I have a server dedicated for daily/nightly backup using Symantec Backup Exec 2010 r2, which backed up the Exchange/info store /mailboxes last night

Since I have a Vmware environment newly deployed, Im thinking of creating a new VM with Windows 2003 sp2, and make this the Exchange Server

question is what steps are required to restore the Exchange back to functioning state?
-install Windows 2003 on the new VM
-on the backup server, do remote agent push install to this new VM, so the backup exec remote agent gets installed
-do I need to install MS Exchange 2003 on the VM?? silly question but I just want step by step instructions
-restore the backups to this new VM
anything else I need to do?
would I give the same server name and IP Address to the new vm?

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-do I need to install MS Exchange 2003 on the VM??

no you retore everything with Symantec, just install the plan win2003 and Symantec Agent, create the partitions as on the old system then run the restore

BTW, if you had only a mainboard crash why not using the disks in another IBM server. I assume it's a Raid.  


ok I am installing Windows 2003 as a new VM right now
but I don't recall how many partitions the IBM Server had - I think it had 3
c:\windows....os partition
e:\ exchange was I think installed here
f:\ was a spare temp drive

so do I keep the same server name and IP Address too?
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