MP3 encoding in iPhone apps

Is it possible to create an iPhone app that records the user voice thru the microphone, encodes the file to a mp3 format and then sends the file to a server?
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nxnwConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It is absolutely, definitely, possible, and has been done. I am aware of one app that specifically does mp3s and can send files to a server. The name escapes me but if you search the app store for "dictation", you will find it. As I recall, however, you cannot designate a server of your choice with this app, but have to subscribe to a paid service.

If you search the app store for "dictation", will find several other apps that will do what you describe (and allow you to designate an ftp, webdav or email server), but these do not save in MP3. Most only save in wav format. Dictamus and Pocket Dictate (wav or dct) are among these.
robertcernyConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Converting to different format on iDevice is not a good idea because it will drain battery pretty quickly.
atipicoAuthor Commented:
And if in case I do write an app that converts voice to MP3, I'd have to pay licensing rights such as right?
nxnwConnect With a Mentor Commented:
That is the explanation I have seen for the absence of this feature on most of the existing products (but I do not personally know if it correct).

I'll say this, though: The absence of MP3 conversion in these products is a critical deficiency. A core purpose of having dictation software on your phone is to transmit your dictation for transcription from where ever you happen to be. This requires a format that can provide reasonable quality in a file that is as small as practicable, so that the data does not take forever - and potentially cost a bundle - to transmit over G3 (or EDGE).

MP3 is ideal, because it can deliver perfectly good voice quality in a very small file that everyone is able to play back. DCT or DSS would qualify, but (I believe) both are proprietary and, in any event, severely limit your transcription/playback options.
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