Audio related Error message with transcription software

We use Philips Speechexec Pro Transcribe software on most of our secretary's workstations.
There is one workstation that is coming up with an error message whenever the foot pedal is used or the play button is pressed with an open dictation.

Please see below screenshot.

The system is a HP DC7900 (SoundMax audio) with WinXP pro and SpeechExec Pro v5.
We have exactly the same setup for 7 or 8 other staff, but only this machine has the error.

Transcription error
Reece DoddsAsked:
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Reece DoddsAuthor Commented:
a solution for this problem has been found.
the speechexec software has an online update feature.  I did this, and it downloaded and installed an update.  The problem no longer appears.
It's strange though because I have 8 or so other PC's with the exact same configuration (Ghosted HDD) and none of them had the issue.
Is the SoundMax audio driver up to date? Have you tried updating the driver?
Searching turns this up as one of two things (and I'd suspect it's the first). The most likely cause seems to be a corrupt or not-properly-closed audio file.  See this thread for someone with the same error message.

Or, microsoft suggests a need to update the driver (possibly corrupted?)
Reece DoddsAuthor Commented:
driver is up-to-date and it works with all other audio... it only faults with this particular dictation player and only when the file is attempted to be played.
Reece DoddsAuthor Commented:
see my final post
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