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Need a guide on how to set up Server 2003 R2 VPN access

I need a guide on how to set up Server 2003 R2 VPN access.

The Windows Server 2003 R2 server has one network card and connects to a router/firewall which then to connects the internet.

I don't have any idea how this was set up before, since this company's server crashed and now I am restoring everything from backups and from scratch.

I started taking a look at the different Remote Access Server (RAS) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) set up options and have seen how there are quite a few different options available. Also, I understand that I am somewhat limited in regards to how I set this up since the Server has only one network card (NIC).

The basic requirements are:

1. Allow users to connect to the Server 2003 R2 server remotely from anywhere on the internet. We already have a DNS name of vpn.companyname.com set up for this. The vpn.companyname.com hostname resolves to the public IP address of our company's router/firewall.

2. Users will connect using their work laptops from home to the of vpn.companyname.com address and then will log onto the VPN using their Active Directory usernames and passwords.

3. Once authenticated, the users will have their normal access (with the same security and share permissions) to the server's network shares, just like they would if they logged onto or connected to the server from within the office.

4. Users will have the same access to all network resources (both on the single Server 2003 R2 server) and also to the network printers.

Please describe or refer me to where I can find more information on how to set this up.
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Hi this is quite a complex task so you could potentially run into issues but here is a Technet Guide that goes through the entire process most of it you can skip because you'll already have the domain setup.

Also the key points to note are:
Forward Port 1723 on your router to the internal IP of the Server.
Also Protocol GRE 47 needs to be forwarded normally this is automatic depending on your router/firewall.
You should have DHCP installed on the server not the router.
You need to install the Remote Access / VPN Server Role.
You need to have the RADIUS Server installed.

Thats the main things that you need to do and bear in mind that the Guide talks about having different servers for different tasks obviously this is not necessary.

One IT
KnowledgeableAuthor Commented:
Does anyone else have any other comments or suggestions on how I should set this up?
Whats wrong with the guide I just sent you, there is only one way to set it up.
Unless your Firewall has a VPN Server builtin to it which is a lot easier.
KnowledgeableAuthor Commented:

The guide you sent me is very good.

I just like to get as many replies as I can so that I can look through several different sources of documentation while I am working on getting this VPN Remote Access set up.

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