Extending range of WAP

My family goes to a resort every year where they have a wifi connection in the office and its open, but it doesn't go very far to the cabins around it.  

Would something like a cantenna coupled to a WAP configured as a repeater/bridge with WRT-DD would help with something like this in our cabin?  I was thinking using a repeater as it would be for multiple laptops.

Any ideas or better suggestions besides leaving the laptops at home?   (which I got shot down for?)  ;-)


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Juan OcasioConnect With a Mentor Application DeveloperCommented:
That would work if they allow other access point to attach to their wireless network.
gunscheeAuthor Commented:
I doubt they would have an issue with that.  it's for the guest's use, and they always apologize that it doesn't go very far.

Any good guides out there on configuring this setup?

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