How to put icons/bmp into row of ListCtrl

I have an application written in C++ with MFC. I have a CListCtrl that I am putting in multiple rows of text with checkboxes in front of the text. Now I want to put icons/bitmaps in front of the checkboxes. I have managed to put the icons into the row but the icons show behind the check boxes then the text. I want to display the item as icon/checkbox/text in that order.
Presently I am using the LVITEM structue with the nImage pointing the particular image in my CImageList object. I do not want any headers on my column(s) and presently I am using only one column. Might I have to make this a two column list with the first column being the icon and the second column being the checkbox/text item?
An example would be best.
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as far as I know - it's how it works, ie checkboxes first, then all the test of the subitems
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