How do I NAT a public IP range to a private range


This may be a dumb question.  I am trying to NAT a series of internal servers to public IPs in a one to one fashion.  I have a series of static NATs in place now with only the first and last one working.  


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Ernie BeekExpertCommented:
One to one, use:

Static (inside,outside) public_ip private_ip netmask
So let's say you want to nat to Then it would look like:

Static (inside,outside) netmask
Of course you need an access-list on the outside to allow the appropriate ports though.
So what's wrong with the current NATs? Could you show us?
If we wanted to access our DMZ Web server server via the outside/public interface (example access to a DMZ PC via a public IP)

static (dmz,outside) [NAT_IP] [Real_IP]
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