How to Broadcast Messages via AD

From my AD Server running on Windows 2003 Server. How can I send out a broadcast message to all users connected to the AD Server?
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oneitnzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi do you want a message sent to users that are connected via remote desktop or to client workstations?

If its remote desktop users bring up task manager and go to the Users tab, highlight everyone and right click, send message.

If you want to send to client computers you'll want to use Net Send take a look at this tech net article.

This may or may not work you'll probably need the messenger service started also if the clients are using windows 7 there is no longer Net Send.

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ben1211Author Commented:
Well from can see a list of users connected to your AD. When they are log in to the domain, they are given an IP Address from the DHCP. So I'm wondering from the AD Server can I sent out a broadcast message to all those connected to the domain.

Not the RDP users.

Yes, some client PC's are on Windows XP, Windows Vista and 7.

How do I do this?
oneitnzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Net Send command is the one your looking for all I'm saying is that it may not work on your Windows 7 Machines, I haven't used it for a long time because it is a bit of a security hole.
For security reason, Microsoft disable Messanger service. So NET SEND command can not do it.
  We can install a client tools to all AD Client computer via logon script.
  e.g. Install VyChat or IPMessanger.

If you wann't install a client to the user, we can using schedule task to do it.
Windows server have a tool "Schtasks" to create a schedule task.
1: place a .vbs file to a share directory which every one can access it.
2: Create schedule task for each user/computer.
3: You should known each username/password.

also we can show a message box in logon script when the user logon to the AD.
ben1211Author Commented:
other than using Net Send, I was expecting to send out a broadcast message using AD. I guess this couldn't be done. In addition, I am not sure if messages from net send can reach users running WIN 7
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