internet explorer not working after removal of fake av

I am able to remote my friends computer with logmein. I was able to remove fake av from control pannel. But Internet explorer just says diagnose if I run it says cant open hht hhtps or ftp probably because of a firewall. I truned teh firewall off, still no luck.
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Jackie ManCommented:
In IE, click Tools -> Internet Options -> Goto Connection tab, check whether proxy server is checked.

Remove the check for proxy server and restart IE to try again.
Did you try to disable all the add-ons or running IE in safe mode, what version of IE are your running? If you are running version 7, 8 or version 9 you may do a reset which may fix your problem by going to Tools >> Internet options>> Advanced (Tab option), and selecting reset, but as suggested firstly try running IE in safe mode first. Also AVG's safe browser add-on if you have AVG installed does cause issues with IE and firefox, try disabling the add-on if you do have such anit-virus installed, also please check your host file.
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