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Navigation Bar Activex in Access 2010

I've been using Vlad Vissoultchev's Outlook bar Control since 2003 with no problems.

Now in Access 2010, on some PC's (all 32 Bit)  it's started crashing.
On some when I changed the display settings from Aero to Windows classic that sorted out the problem, on others Access just crashes on opening a form that has the control in.
Access 2007 worked fine. All the macro/activex settings are low.

If no ideas how to fix the activex, any recommendations for a similar control?



1 Solution
I think the problem could be related to the fact Office 2010 no longer supports the common controls of MSComCtl (TabStrip, Toolbar, StatusBar, ProgressBar, TreeView, ListViews, ImageList, Slider, ImageComboBox) or MSComCt2 (Animation, UpDown, MonthView, DateTimePicker, FlatScrollBar) so VBA code that depends on these common controls will not function and will have to be rewrittten.  Further, Existing Custom VBA solutions may not work when they contain the Declare statement and will require rewriting.

see the discussion of changes in Access VBA for Office 2010 in the Wikipedia

If your ActiveX utilizes any of the common controls discussed and this is confirmed as the cause of your problem, then then a search for a solution can be done.  Per the wikipedia link, VBA7 for (Access 2010) currently does not include a 64-bit version of the common controls so it leaves developers lacking a solution for migrating their VBA app to 64-bit. Microsoft suggests contacting the software vendor for 64-bit versions of VBA controls yet they provide no solution for controls for which they are the vendor.

as the PCs the author mentioned are all 32 bit there should be no problem with the ActiveX controls because they all working in the 32 bit version of Access 2010 (I tested it with my A2010 32bit).

Here are informations about that directly from MS:
Compatibility Between the 32-bit and 64-bit Versions of Office 2010

You already saw that it has something to do with the Windows design. As this is no standard control I would try to contact the author of it.


Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)PresidentCommented:
<<As this is no standard control I would try to contact the author of it.>>

  I would second that.  I've been poking around in 2007/2010 with changing the background of the main Access window and it looks like Microsoft has made some fundamental changes in the way the windows are being handled (looks like they have been sub-classed).

  I can change the background of the VBA IDE, but I can't seem to get at the main Access window itself.

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tbsgadiAuthor Commented:
Bit of a problem...He wrote it in 2002 & hasn't supported it!
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)PresidentCommented:

 Have you looked at Navigation forms in 2010?  Not sure what your trying to do with the outlook like bar, but navigation forms are similar.

tbsgadiAuthor Commented:
Looks perfect...
Just means me having to support 2 different versions

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