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Iam having a desktop of windows xp professional printer 1020 plus installed locally to this printer and this desktop is joined to the samba server also the sharing for this printer is given for everyone , the users from other desktops if print is given some times it works fine but most of the times does not get print on the below mentioned situations

If  the user1 from system1 gives the print to the printer50 system( windows xp professional and printer connected locally to this system) this goes on to the queue but does not print it holds in the queue, now if the user2 form the system2 gives the print to the printer50 system print of  user2 does not come as user1 job is already in queue and further it does not print hence totally both user1 and user2 jobs are not processed for the print. Please suggest the best practice to resolve such issues, like is there any time intervals can be set if the print job exceeds certain time interval then it should die automatically so that other users pint jobs can be processed. Please help me to resolve this. Thanks in advance
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Jackie ManCommented:
Is Windows XP desktop PC and the Windows 7 computer on the same subnet (say,  (i.e. use the same gateway for Internet access)?

If yes, please try my method below:-

1. Set a fixed internal ip address (say, 192.168.0.x)  for Windows XP desktop computer.

2. In Windows XP desktop computer, go to "Control Panel" ->  "Add/Remove Programs"

3. Select the tab of "Add/Remove Windows Component" -> Double click "Other Network File and Print Services" -> Tick the check box in front of "Print Services for Unix" -> Click all "OK" button to close this window of "Other Network File and Print Services" -> Click "Next" button to close the window of "Add/Remove Windows Component".

4. Restart Windows XP desktop computer.

5. After restart, in Windows XP  desktop computer, install the printer to be shared.

6. Right-click the icon for the installed printer, click "Sharing" and select "Shared as" option and give the share name of the printer. The share name shall be less than 13 characters and there shall be no space in the share name. For example, a share name can be "HP_LJ1010", not "HP Lj1020".

   Note: No need to install additional printer driver for Windows 7 / Vista in Windows XP  desktop computer.

7. In Windows 7/ Vista laptop, add a printer using "Add a local printer" -> select "Create a new port" -> in "Type of port" -> select "Standard TCP/IP Port" and click "Next" button -> input the fixed internal ip address of Windows XP desktop in the ip address field.

8. Follow on-screen instruction to continue. When you are asked to select the printer to be installed, click "Have disk" button and browse for the folder where the Windows 7printer driver is located (i.e. the .inf file)

9. After adding the printer driver, right-click the icon for the installed printer and select "Properties".

10. In the "Ports" tab, click "Configure Port" button to change the setting of:-
      (i) Under the "Protocol", select "LPR".
      (ii) Under "LPR Settings", in the "Queue Name:", enter the share name of the printer and Tick the check box in front of "LPR Byte Counting Enabled"

11. Click "OK" button to close all windows.

Try to print from Windows 7 and you shall be able to print from Windows 7 computer to the printer attached to Windows XP desktop computer.

The above method is different as it is not necessary to logon for accepting print job from Windows 7.

Jackie ManCommented:
You need to change the printer sharing from windows based (smb) to unix based (lpr).

Do you want to proceed?
D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply, yes sir i would like to proceed please guide me how to do this.
Free Tool: Port Scanner

Check which ports are open to the outside world. Helps make sure that your firewall rules are working as intended.

One of a set of tools we are providing to everyone as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Sir, thank you very much really vey much informative, If the printer is locally connected tot eh windows 7 professional where can i find the below option
"Other Network File and Print Services" -> Tick the check box in front of "Print Services for Unix"

In windows 7 professional i tried by going to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features\Turn Windows features on or off but iam not able to find " Oelpther Network File and Print Services"

Please suggest me in this.
Jackie ManCommented:
"Iam having a desktop of windows xp professional printer 1020 plus installed locally to this printer" <- the printer is connected to windows xp pro or windows 7 pro?
Jackie ManCommented:
For windows 7 pro, "Print Services for Unix" for XP is renamed to "LPD Print Service" and it is under "Print and Document Service" of "Turn Windows features on or off"
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