Prevent Users from moving files in a Shared Folder

We have a Windows 2003 Server where there is a shared folder available for all users to store their files in there. We want to allow users to be able to read files from here and to save their files into this folder.

Is there any way to prevent users from moving files out of this folder? Sometimes users may accidently move files out and place them in some other folder on the server and then complain that their files are missing.

Can this be done please?
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Vipin VasudevanInfrastructure SpecialistCommented:
HI First of all... How the permission sets to each folders... if they want to have modify permission you may not able to achieve this...

other way around is to have restriction set like follows

Root folder : Read Only > User Folder : Modify (user wont able to move to root folders as read only access)
Please use NTFS ACLs to do it.
1. At the windows 2003 server, locate the share root folder,
2. Right click the folder, select properties, it will show the properties dialog,
3. Switch [security] page, click [Advance...] button.
4. Add the everyone user(or share folder username or user group name)
5. After add the user, it will show a dialog to set the detail security ACLs. Please [Deny] below Items:
    [Delete], [Delete sub-folder and files]
6. Click [ok] to close all dialog.
I highly recommend you create a new share folder to test it before you really set the NTFS ACLs to the destination folder.
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