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Queueing specific mail - Exchange 2003


I have an Exchange 2003 Server on a relatively low bandwidth line (2Mbps) that is also used for 8+ office staff during the day for email and general internet browsing. We need to send a mail out to approx 900 customers to notify them of a change of address and for some reason it has been specified that we are not using our dotMailer account.

I'm sure there must be a way to set up a separate (temporary) SMTP queue for the dummy@domain.com email so as to not interfere with every other user and schedule that queue to send overnight, but I'm no exchange guru. I don't know how.


- Email will be coming from a temporary email address.
- Must not interfere with other users
- Must be schedule to send out of hours (not from Outlook, if possible)

I'll need to increase the max # of recipients again. Would you advise sending to 900+ in the BCC field, or segmenting the email into smaller chunks of 50 recipients per email. The latter is obviously more work as the segmenting needs to happen and the numerous emails created.

Appreciate your help.
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Viral RathodConsultantCommented:
In exchange server 2003 you can create additional SMTP connector and set the option "Use different delivery times for oversize messages: 1000 kb"

Hope this helps

Ref :
1) http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/exchangesvrtransport/thread/0f92d17b-126c-401f-8439-523524236ddd/
2) http://www.computerperformance.co.uk/exchange2003/exchange2003_routing_smtp.htm
3) http://www.msexchange.org/tutorials/Configuring-SMTP-Connector.html
I would not advise adding 900 users in teh BCC field.

Create a group and add users to that group then send emai to that group.

You can create also create groups in outlook that have nothing to do with exchange so that will not create administrative overhead.
VampireofdarknessAuthor Commented:
If I'm reading this all right:

1. Create a new SMTP Connector
2. Add the Exchange Server as a local bridgehead
3. Leave address space as *
4. Set a custom schedule under delivery options

How do I set this up so that an email sent from temporary@domain.com is scheduled to be sent at the specified schedule? The email is not large in size, so the oversized schedule is not going to work.

What is needed:

1. Send email from temporary@domain.com to # of customers.
2. Email sits in a secondary queue, scheduled for delivery out of hours. Only temporary@domain.com should be in this queue, everyone else should go out as normal.
3. Exchange sends email when time (18:00) is reached and stops when time (06:00) is reached.
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1 - Create another smtp domain in the recepient policy and configure this address as the primary address for the user from whose mailbox you are going to send the emails.

2- I think you will have to schedule the email from the outlook to be sent after business hours.

3- I would recommend using third party software to send marketing emails. You will find fetaures that you like in these softwares. I have used SugarCRM for this purpose a couple of times, its free with large community support.
VampireofdarknessAuthor Commented:
If I create a distribution group in Outlook, I have to add all users manually and that will take a long time. The users are also unnamed (ie- they are a generic office@... or bursar@... email address).

The email also needs to come from our domain and not an external domain masked as our domain.
1- you can import the email addresses, in which format do you have the addresses ?

2- The email will be sent from the domain that you have configured in the exchange, that will not be the issue.
VampireofdarknessAuthor Commented:
The addresses are in an excel sheet at the moment, so either xls, csv, tsv...whatever. The domain thing was in reference to the 3rd party comment re- SugarCRM.

If I/we can get a group set up for the users, I'll send it out through Outlook and call it good.
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