PXE boot to WDS won't work on certain Dell models

I am rolling out Windows 7 Pro to 200 users.

I had a test lab of our new Dell 780 PC's and everything was fine i.e the machines would boot via PXE to WDS (without DHCP scope options) and then get a custom unattended image installed....great


We have about 50 older Dell OptiPlex 755 and 745 PC's - These boot and come up with various PXE errors e.g PXE 51, PXE 55, No dhcp response on proxy DHCP port 4011 (can't remember exact message).
As we had DHCP on a different server to WDS I then configured the options 66 and 67.
Now these PXE errors go away but PXE now gets stuck on MTFTP.............

Q.  Why teh difference - I must be honest I didn't forsee such and issue as the 780's have allways worked fine from Day 1!

Only difference I can see is the Intel Bootmanager/Bios version:

780's have 1.3.52.
755'2 have 1.2.50

Anyone have any ideas on what to do?

Many thanks
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James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
when we had this we had to hit F12 fast enough: its the bois bless it...

I am afraid that best i can offer
CWCAVITAuthor Commented:
Oh actually if I wait 10 minutes+ I get PXE E32 TFTP open timeout
PXE- T04 Access Violation

I've got 66 and 67 enabled on 2003 DHCP server (no 60)

In 66 is "server46"
in 67 is "x86\wdsnbp.com (as root in registry is \boot*)

Full path to the wdsnbp is \\server46\reminst\boot\x86\wdsnbp.com
CWCAVITAuthor Commented:
Ok kept trying and realised in need to put \boot\x86\wdsnbp.com

BUT on the 755's the tftp initialisation takes about 15minutes before it eventually says "downloaded WDSNBP... Press F12 for network service boot"

The newer 780 PC's take about 15 SECONDS to get to this stage!?

I've no idea where to start on getting this to speed up?!
CWCAVITAuthor Commented:
no solution but guess that's the answer
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