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ASA 5505 transparent firewall with websense integration..

Hi All,

I'm looking for some advice on integrating a Cisco ASA5505 with a Websense proxy. I have a configuration setup where we have four routers which are used for Internet access. There are two VLAN's - Guest and Private. What I would like to achieve is making the use of available bandwidth by load distribution via GLBP, and filtering users web traffic.

Two routers will be used for a GLBP group in one VLAN, and the other two routers will be used for GLBP in another VLAN.

The users are connected to a Cisco 2960 switch and are in their respective VLAN's. I'm planning a 802.1q trunk to a Cisco ASA from the 2960 switch, carrying both VLAN's.

What I would like to know is if there is a CSC module (or similar) which has Websense installed on it, and if it is possible to setup the ASA5505 in transparent mode to filter the traffic in this way? Hopefully this would allow multiple users to take advantage of the additional bandwidth, and not be restricted by using a traditional proxy setup which where all web traffic would be originating from a single MAC address.

Many thanks

1 Solution
The CSC web filter module that Cisco sells uses Trend Micro technology.  Not websense.  

You may be able to implement Webense in an integrated modem or standalone mode.  Both of these modes are non-proxy based and do provide full filtering capabilities.  Traffic is mirrored to the internal websense server via switch monitor ports, and websense can block traffic via tcp spoofing and packet injection.

If you could do this and configure your internal network with a default gateway IP of your GLBP setup.... It might work...

Alternately you could look at Fatpipe Warp.  Thats the kind of device that's designed to do this type of internet connection load sharing.

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