How could I deploy my drupal website on Amazon cloud (Amazon EC2)

Can any body advice me, what are the steps in deploying  my drupal website on Amazon cloud (EC2) using Amzon free usage tier account?

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first the easy part.
1. Create an AWS account.
2. Register to EC2

now the more difficult, but still easy part:
you have 2 choices. You can start a free micro image, download (or upload) to it your drupal distro, install mysql if its not already installed, and generally setup drupal as if it were working on a new linux machine under your desk.

The other option is to chose a preinstalled drupal server image aka AMI from a trusted source, and use it to start your server instance.
Amazon have such an image but it is configured to work with CloudFormation and RDS, so you still need to setup mysql and setup drupal.
A search in the EC2 console shows a multitude of drupal images, but I can't vouch for any except Bitnami 

then, if youre interested, you can set up backup and recovery, load balancing etc
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