Office Excel 2007 - Saving files as .tmp files and removing original file.


I have a problem with one user whom when editing a spreadsheet on any network drive it will frequently state "file not saved" and the original file will be replaced with a .tmp file. If i then rename the .tmp file to .xlsx it is the saved file.

This only appears to happen on network drives and so far.... only appears to affect this user/ users machine.

 I have tried the following:

 - performed an office repair
 - ran all office 2007 updates
 - removed and reinstalled office
 - performed system restore on his machine to an earlier date when he doesnt recall having this problem.
 - increasing his permissions on the network drive
 - logging on as different user on his machine
 - replaced laptop with another one with same image and as with previous one it appeared to work for a while then same fault occured.

What is baffling me is that although it happens frequently it is intermittant and doesnt appear to follow any pattern. I am wondering if this may be due to a windows/office update.

user has a Dell E4310 with Windows 7 Pro and Office 2007

should anyone have any other ideas to troubleshoot that may help point to the cause please let me know.
Any advice/help much appreciated.

Just spoke to user and this also affects powerpoint and word.
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Ardhendu SarangiConnect With a Mentor Sr. Project ManagerCommented:
you can use Procmon to monitor and create the log.

- Download procmon.exe from
- Run procmon.exe
- Stop the current logging by clicking on the magnifying glass button.
- Clear the current log by clicking on the eraser button.
- Start the capturing by clicking on the magnifying glass button.
- Reproduce the issue via one of the repro processes that you have noted the symptoms from.
- Stop the capturing by clicking on the magnifying glass button.
- Click the File menu > Save to save the file as Issue.pml.
- Zip and try uploading the file here.
Ardhendu SarangiSr. Project ManagerCommented:
I think it might depend on the duration on how long the files are being opened and the size of the file.

Can you try the following and see if this works?

1. disable auto-save from all the office applications
2. check with the user to see if she has encountered issues with "application has stopped responding" while saving files to the network?

TonyHaughtonAuthor Commented:
Thanks Ardhendu,
Just disabled autosave and tried again but unfortunatly still same issue. The application doesnt freeze or state "Application has stopped responding" it appears to save as it should then displays the file not saved error.

whilst watching the folder during the save process you see the following
When successful:
 -  .tmp file appears next to the original file and then disappears

when it fails:
 - .tmp file appears and then the original file will disappear leaving the .tmp file
 - will then display the error "File not saved"
Almost as if it is going through the process and then failing half way when i assume it is meant to rename the .tmp file to the original filename.
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Ardhendu SarangiSr. Project ManagerCommented:
Can you please try this and see if this helps?

--Click Start
--Type 'offline files' in the Search dialog on the start menu
--Click the button "Enable Offline Files"

If that doesn't work, here are some other suggestions given by Microsoft support for this issue -

Update all the programs on the computer (Microsoft related programs,
Anti-virus program, Adobe program if you installed it, and etc.)

#2 Temporarily Internet Files
When you work in a file, Microsoft Office saves the file with a temporary
file name and places this file in the same folder as the original file.

Additional, Office 2007 uses Open XML formats and need to modify temporary
files located in whatever folder that is defined for the Temporary Internet
File location in Internet Explorer. Did you change the default Temporary
Internet File location in IE. If there is problem with the Temporary
internet Files, such an issue may also occur. Please check it.
1. In IE, click the Tools menu > Internet Options > in the General tab,
click Settings under 'temporary internet files' > click 'View Files' > are
the 'temporary internet files' saved under the system drive (C:\Documents
and Settings\<UserName>\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files)?

If not, click Move Folder to move it to the C: drive. Click OK.

2. In the Internet Options dialog box, Delete Files, Delete Cookies to
empty the Temporary Internet Files. Click OK.
TonyHaughtonAuthor Commented:
Cheers pari123 I'll try this when back to work on tuesday and let you know.
maybe its an issue with your mapped network drives?
TonyHaughtonAuthor Commented:
Cheers guys.

--Type 'offline files'
- Offline files was already enabled - so tried it with offline files disabled and still same issue.
Update all the programs on the computer
- done - all updates have been previously installed so only had a couple and unfortunatly issue still persists.
#2 Temporarily Internet Files
- this is still set to the default location for windows 7 on the C drive, I have also deleted all internet cookies, history etc and still same issue.
maybe its an issue with your mapped network drives?
- I have removed and remapped the network drives and still same issue. also we have other users with windows 7 and office 2007 using the same drives with no issues.

you can save a spreadsheet and it works ok but if you save it a few times you can see the .tmp file being created and eventually it will display the file not saved error and leave the .tmp file and remove the original file.

I have tested this on other machines from the same location and you cant see the .tmp file being created whilst saving the spreadsheet.  innitially i thought it could be a network issue but even when the user is at our head office the same problem occurs.

I will see if i can get a log file showing all processes running on his computer to see if this helps identify any problems.
TonyHaughtonAuthor Commented:
cheers Pari,
The user currently isn't available so i cant access his laptop but I will do this as soon as I can get on his machine and upload it.
TonyHaughtonAuthor Commented:
Thanks Pari, the monitoring software you suggested showed that Mcaffee appeared to be a possible cause of the problem so i updated Mcaffee I then added Word,Excel,Powerpoint as exceptions in buffer overflow and so far so good.. Thanks for your help in resolving this issue.
I have had similar issues, but I think it due to some ACL restriction (see

Unfortunately, I don't have any better advice than perhaps this tip.

TonyHaughtonAuthor Commented:
Cheers nbccit - I will take look at this link as unfortunatly the user has informed me that the problem appears to have returned and I now have another user with the same issue.
At the moment i have advised them to do a "save as" should they ever receive the error "unable to save file" for now but its not ideal.
I'd love to know if anyone ever found the cause of this... I've got some users that have this periodically happen (they cannot repro at will) and I'd really like to head it off.
It's been a while since the last post, but I think it might be due to the AV software. It scans the tmp file while saving, Excel tries to delete it, but cannot since the file is in use. Excel then errors out. Try disabling the AV and test the saves.
TonyHaughtonAuthor Commented:
Im afraid I never really found the root of the problem, in the end i created a new windows 7 image with the company apps and office installed and re-imaged the affected machines.

Fortunatly not had the problem since.
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