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Best way to deploy 8 camera security system

greywolf01 asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-11
     What is the simplest and most comprehensive way to deploy a CCTV security system around my house with the following equipment-8 Ultrak (Honeywell) cameras, a Ultrak time lapse security VCR, a Ultrak 16 channel multiplexer, and a Dell Precision 690 computer with a high end ATI workstation video card? I would like the internet access to check remotely and the watchdog feature (I think this sets off an alarm if the equipment is messed with with nobody present). I have seen ads for PCI-E security cards and also Linux software based systems which sounds like this can be done without the card??? I don't have to incorporate all of the hardware I own if there is a better way (I bought it all together used in one package). I have seen cards with the DOM Linux system software installed. I would like to use my cameras and the computer to record and show online pictures to myself remotely and would also like to use this computer for everything else when I am home. If I were to use a software only solution, assuming there is a good one available, what would be the simplest way to connect the cameras to the computer? I have read several of the older related questions but would like the latest and greatest software and or cards/solutions. I can use Windows, Fedora or Ubuntu This is a large complex question so will award extra points. Thanks
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I would also like to record over time any activity so was considering a 2TB Sata internal drive installed in the computer and a high quality infared digital camera installed at each doorway for night time viewing. I of course would like to do all of this at the least cost possible for a quality system and quality images. I think I have under $300.00 invested so far in equipment not considering the computer itself. Thanks!


Would someone please make a few comments here?
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Was hopeing for more and more complete comments.
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