Best way to deploy 8 camera security system

     What is the simplest and most comprehensive way to deploy a CCTV security system around my house with the following equipment-8 Ultrak (Honeywell) cameras, a Ultrak time lapse security VCR, a Ultrak 16 channel multiplexer, and a Dell Precision 690 computer with a high end ATI workstation video card? I would like the internet access to check remotely and the watchdog feature (I think this sets off an alarm if the equipment is messed with with nobody present). I have seen ads for PCI-E security cards and also Linux software based systems which sounds like this can be done without the card??? I don't have to incorporate all of the hardware I own if there is a better way (I bought it all together used in one package). I have seen cards with the DOM Linux system software installed. I would like to use my cameras and the computer to record and show online pictures to myself remotely and would also like to use this computer for everything else when I am home. If I were to use a software only solution, assuming there is a good one available, what would be the simplest way to connect the cameras to the computer? I have read several of the older related questions but would like the latest and greatest software and or cards/solutions. I can use Windows, Fedora or Ubuntu This is a large complex question so will award extra points. Thanks
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GlobaLevelConnect With a Mentor ProgrammerCommented:
Here are a few links...IP Video System Design Tool
is software that will help you setup...if you want to it your self remote access...You can use logmein to install to the PC that the camera is wired to and use MS RDC to view over thte internet...

IP Video System Design Tool
greywolf01Author Commented:
I would also like to record over time any activity so was considering a 2TB Sata internal drive installed in the computer and a high quality infared digital camera installed at each doorway for night time viewing. I of course would like to do all of this at the least cost possible for a quality system and quality images. I think I have under $300.00 invested so far in equipment not considering the computer itself. Thanks!
greywolf01Author Commented:
Would someone please make a few comments here?
greywolf01Author Commented:
Was hopeing for more and more complete comments.
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