exception : system.gcnotificationstatus

Hi get the following exception when trying to load my application created using VS2010 C#

Could not load type 'System.GCNotificationStatus' from assembly 'mscorlib, version=

this is happening only at one of my customers. the same package is up and running for other customers.

I was not able to recreate this error on server 2003/2008 both x86 and x64 with any SP's.
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I'm wondering if perhaps the presence of Visual Studio is incidental to the version of the .NET Framework that is installed on the machine; that is, as part of the prerequisite check, the VS installer will check for the presence of the proper Framework version. What versions of .NET are installed on the problem computers?

I'm suspecting that there is a configuration problem on that server dealing with concurrent garbage collection in conjunction with the .NET Framework. Concurrent garbage collection is, unless I'm mistaken, new to the 3.5/4.0 series frameworks, and must be configured a certain way in order to function as designed.

You might take a look at the following MSDN article to get more detail, and it might help point you to a solution:
MSDN Concurrent GC
OrenRozenAuthor Commented:

Just found that the problem happens only on systems without visual studio installation.
Any idea what module or files are missing? so I can add them to the installation package?
OrenRozenAuthor Commented:
Installing .NET Framework 4.0 didn't solve the problem
OrenRozenAuthor Commented:
Installing SP2 of .NET Framework 2.0 solved the problem.
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